AREMA 2019 Annual Conference

September 22-25, 2019

Minneapolis, MN

Presentation Max Credits % Complete Status Earned Credits
Grade Crossing Track Circuit Replacement Using Axle Counters: Best Practices from Whittier Tunnel Crossing Alaska 0.5
Simulation-based Risk Analysis for Traffic Disruptions Caused by DoS Attacks to Railroad Cyber-Physical Systems 0.5
Mission Critical Signaling and Monitoring – Using Private Wireless Communications Networks to Increase Security and Reliability 0.5
Cab Signaling with Crossings 0.5
Prevention of End-of-Track Collisions in Passenger Terminals via Positive Train Control: A Benefit-Cost Analysis 0.5
Proximity Warning System for Hyrail Work Equipment 0.5
Safety and Security of Movable Rail Bridges 0.5
Wireless Avalanche Detection 0.5
State of Good Repair for Railroad Electrical Distribution Infrastructure 0.5
Signal Modernization at Stockholm Metro 0.5
Prototype Rail Crossing Violation Warning (RCVW) Phase II – Advancing the Use of Connected Vehicle Technologies to Reduce Crashes at Grade Crossings by Warning Vehicle Drivers of Predicted Violations 0.5
Remote Condition Monitoring of Signal Assets – From Early Assessment to Production Results Review 0.5
Railroad Trespassing Risk Management: A Literature Review 0.5
Fast-Tracked Pavement Maintenance Using Concrete Rubblization 0.5
Consideration of Alternative Transportation Use of a Railroad Corridor Asset: A Team Effort 0.5
Australia's Inland Rail Project…Transforming the National Supply Chain 0.5
Erie County Industrial Development Agency (ECIDA), Bethlehem Steel Rail Improvements Phase II Project: Overcoming Challenges Associated with the Localized HDPE Lining of a 54 inch Diameter Pressurized Waterline for Cooper E80 Loading 0.5
Railway Resilience - Experience from the Kaikoura Earthquake 0.5
CREATE and Improving Chicago Rail Operations 0.5
Immersive Learning Using Virtual Reality Systems for Railway Education 0.5
Leveraging IoT Technology to Optimize Friction Management in Heavy Haul Track 0.5
BIM Modelling in Linear Infrastructure Projects 0.5
UAVs: Beyond Pretty Pictures; A Case Study in Analyzing the Integrity of UAV-Derived Data for Full-Scale Railroad Infrastructure Design 0.5
Integrated Rail Asset Management by Rail Milling 0.5
RailJET®: Soft Subgrade and Embankment Stabilization, Introduction of New Hi-Rail Technology for Subgrade Maintenance 0.5
Protecting Roadway Workers with an Electronic Overlay – a Demonstration 0.5
Louisville and Indiana Railroad Track Upgrade Program 0.5
Remediation of Ballast Pockets in a Railway Embankment 0.5
Facial Recognition for Ties: Development of a Convolutional Neural Network to Facilitate Crosstie Lifecycle Study 0.5
Remediation of a Progressive Slope Failure 0.5
Utilizing Surface and Subsurface Trackbed Inspection Techniques to Help Plan and De-risk Undercutting Operations on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor 0.5
The Mobile Mud Spring vs. The Union Pacific Railroad 0.5
Rock Fall Hazard Management on the Canadian Pacific Railway 0.5
Using 3D Laser and Artificial Intelligence to Inspect Wooden and Concrete Ties 0.5
FRA Implementation of Nationwide Rail Temperature Predictions 0.5
A Risk Assessment Framework for Grade Crossing Accidents and Derailments in the United States: A Case Study of California Rail Network (2008-2017) 0.5
Use of HMA in Rail Track: Inefficiencies and Redudancy of the Present System 0.5
Enhancing Flood Resiliency of the New York City Subway System 0.5
VTA-Bart Berryessa Extension Project 0.5
Pedestrian Tunnel Installation under CN Mainlines in 44 hours - Collaboration between CN and Metrolinx 0.5
Stray Current Mitigation in Various Track Structures 0.5
CTrail Hartford Line: Rail Passenger Revival in New England 0.5
California High-Speed Rail - Construction Package 4: An Analysis of the Technical Design Challenges, Design Evolution and Collaborative Solutions Developed for the Next Phase of High-Speed Rail Construction That is Underway 0.5
Understanding Options of Passenger Station Horizontal Clearances: Gauntlet Tracks, Flip-up Platform Edges, Movable Platform Edges, and Dedicated Station Sidings 0.5
3D LiDAR Mapping of New York Penn Station 0.5
B&P Tunnel - Creating a Higher-Speed Alignment Through Historically Sensitive Baltimore 0.5
Sound Transit Expansion - Systems Integration Challenges 0.5
Alaska Railroad Bridge 370.7 Pier #3 Replacement 0.5
Accelerated Construction of Union Pacific Railroad Bridge over Kankakee River 0.5
Fatigue Screening of Railway Deck Girder Bridges 0.5
Long Life Coatings for Steel Bridges 0.5
Construction of a New Vertical Lift Bridge with Minimal Impact to Traffic 0.5
Remote Monitoring and Replacement of Norfolk Southern Bridge CF-35.40 over Cotton Run, Seven Mile, OH 0.5
Articulated Double Stack Car Effects on Bridges 0.5
Complex Bridge Inspection with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) 0.5
120 Tons of Steel Suspended over the Construction Site 0.5
Upgrades to Bridge Management Practices 0.5
NSR Over I-240 in Memphis, TN - A Case Study in CM/CG, Accelerated Bridge Construction and Seismic Design 0.5
CSX Emergency Bridge Replacement 0.5
BNSF Railway Bridge 380.12 over I-235 – Planning & Construction Challenges in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 0.5
Railroad Bridge Transverse Displacement Measurement Using a Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) Mounted on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) 0.5
LIRC Bridge Replacement over Flatrock River 0.5
Fatigue Performance Characterization of Direct Fixation Systems Under Heavy Rail Transit Loading Conditions 0.5
Effects of Track Geometry and Track Components on Rail Performance 0.5
An Innovative Prestressing System for Concrete Crossties Using Shape Memory Alloys 0.5
Industry Research and Development to Improve Turnout Performance 0.5
CN & EVRAZ Laboratory Evaluation of Gage Face Lubricants Using Disc-on-Disc Testing 0.5
Implementation of BNSF Railway’s Geometry Car-based Ground Penetrating Radar Program 0.5
Field Loading and Tie Support Conditions Influencing Track Substructure – Modeling Ballast Behavior and Statistical Perspective 0.5
Emergency and Non-emergency Railroad Safe Earth Retaining Walls with Pressed-in Sheet Piles 0.5
Remediation of Untestable Rail Due to Surface Conditions 0.5
Slope Stabilization and Enhancements 0.5
Quantification and Evaluation of Rail Flaw Inspection Practices and Technologies 0.5
Development of Optics-based Mobile Instrument for Evaluating Top of Rail Lubricity Trends on In-service Track 0.5
The Influence of Rail Copper Content on Thermite and Electric Flash Butt Weld Properties 0.5
Field Experience and Academic Inquiry to Understand Broken Spike Failures in Railroad Fastening Systems 0.5